5 DIY Bunny Toys

I have two very curious little bunnies and they love to play during the day. It helps to get their energy out so that way they sleep all night long. There aren’t a lot of bunny toys on the market though. So I came up with 5 DIY toys all bunnies will love as much as my buns do! Scroll down!!

1.) Snack Pack – a fun way to give your rabbit a treat it has to work for and can toss around and have fun with until the snack falls out.

Snack Pack

2.) Hay Box – this idea is so simple but they love being able to chew on the hay of course but also the hay it holds.

Hay Box

3.) Bunny Proof Tunnels – my bunnies LOVE this cardboard tunnel so much as you can probably tell from how well loved it looks haha.

Bunny Proof Tunnel

4.) Toy Ball – this is again such a simple fun idea to keep your buns busy and they love chasing these around their room.

Toy Ball

5.) Line Of Lettuce – bunnies are supposed to eat veggies for nutritional reasons and this is the perfect why to make it fun for them as well as healthy.

Line of Lettuce

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