Bunny Litter Box Training! 101

This is hands down the hardest part of owning a bunny in my opinion and depending on your bunny’s personality this can be a very hard task. However, I have some simple techniques that have proven to work for me and two litter boxes you have to try out!

1.) Making Sure They Know Where To Go – this step is so important because bunnies are smart creatures and like to have a set routine.

  • Always keep the litter box in the same spot (corners are the best place because bunnies do like to have privacy to do their business).
  • Correct them when they don’t use the box by putting the little droppings in the box and they will smell that you put it there and quickly begin to realize that is where they are supposed to be going.
  • Put the hay that you give them to eat by the litter box or hanging above it. So as they eat it they are already sitting on the litter box and will go in the right place.
  • Give them love or a treat when they go in the right place so that way they associate the litter box as a good thing and not a treat.

2.) What Litter Boxes To Buy – on the market finding a good size or good quality litter box can be a struggle. I have searched endlessly for ones that would work for both my bunnies. I have FINALLY found two that I love and highly recommend to you guys!


Small Green Litter Box: https://amzn.to/3d6Ut5H

Large Light Blue Litter Box: https://amzn.to/2QorVdR

Large Light Blue Litter Box

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