DIY Bunny Room Makeover!

I knew from the minute I decided to get my sweet little bunnies I wanted them to have a special space to be able to eat, sleep, and play! So I dedicated a small room to be their “home base” so to speak. As of yesterday I did a whole DIY bunny room makeover!! IContinue reading “DIY Bunny Room Makeover!”

Best Way To Get Rid Of That Bunny Smell! 101

If you have any house pets you know sometimes they tend to smell and it’s a problem all of us struggle with I’m sure when it comes to our sweet little furry friends. I have found a candle I LOVE to light when I am either cleaning their room or just when I start toContinue reading “Best Way To Get Rid Of That Bunny Smell! 101”

Bunny Litter Box Training! 101

This is hands down the hardest part of owning a bunny in my opinion and depending on your bunny’s personality this can be a very hard task. However, I have some simple techniques that have proven to work for me and two litter boxes you have to try out! 1.) Making Sure They Know WhereContinue reading “Bunny Litter Box Training! 101”

About Holland Lop Sisters

Welcome, to the Holland Lop Sisters blog! On this page I will be sharing adorable pictures of my two female buns. I will be posting all about the things I have learned about taking care of them and products they love. Including what they eat on a daily bases and training tips I have foundContinue reading “About Holland Lop Sisters”