DIY Bunny Room Makeover!

I knew from the minute I decided to get my sweet little bunnies I wanted them to have a special space to be able to eat, sleep, and play! So I dedicated a small room to be their “home base” so to speak. As of yesterday I did a whole DIY bunny room makeover!! I wanted to share my before and after pictures with you guys and also include my favorite items in this fun room! Scroll to the end of this post for all details on products shown.



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Best Way To Get Rid Of That Bunny Smell! 101

If you have any house pets you know sometimes they tend to smell and it’s a problem all of us struggle with I’m sure when it comes to our sweet little furry friends. I have found a candle I LOVE to light when I am either cleaning their room or just when I start to smell that unpleasent smell. I love how natural the scent of this candle is and how it takes that smell right away. This is a must have item for anyone with a bunny or any pet!

SHOP THIS PRODUCT! https://amzn.to/2UiDzYV


Bunny Litter Box Training! 101

This is hands down the hardest part of owning a bunny in my opinion and depending on your bunny’s personality this can be a very hard task. However, I have some simple techniques that have proven to work for me and two litter boxes you have to try out!

1.) Making Sure They Know Where To Go – this step is so important because bunnies are smart creatures and like to have a set routine.

  • Always keep the litter box in the same spot (corners are the best place because bunnies do like to have privacy to do their business).
  • Correct them when they don’t use the box by putting the little droppings in the box and they will smell that you put it there and quickly begin to realize that is where they are supposed to be going.
  • Put the hay that you give them to eat by the litter box or hanging above it. So as they eat it they are already sitting on the litter box and will go in the right place.
  • Give them love or a treat when they go in the right place so that way they associate the litter box as a good thing and not a treat.

2.) What Litter Boxes To Buy – on the market finding a good size or good quality litter box can be a struggle. I have searched endlessly for ones that would work for both my bunnies. I have FINALLY found two that I love and highly recommend to you guys!


Small Green Litter Box: https://amzn.to/3d6Ut5H

Large Light Blue Litter Box: https://amzn.to/2QorVdR

Large Light Blue Litter Box

5 DIY Bunny Toys

I have two very curious little bunnies and they love to play during the day. It helps to get their energy out so that way they sleep all night long. There aren’t a lot of bunny toys on the market though. So I came up with 5 DIY toys all bunnies will love as much as my buns do! Scroll down!!

1.) Snack Pack – a fun way to give your rabbit a treat it has to work for and can toss around and have fun with until the snack falls out.

Snack Pack

2.) Hay Box – this idea is so simple but they love being able to chew on the hay of course but also the hay it holds.

Hay Box

3.) Bunny Proof Tunnels – my bunnies LOVE this cardboard tunnel so much as you can probably tell from how well loved it looks haha.

Bunny Proof Tunnel

4.) Toy Ball – this is again such a simple fun idea to keep your buns busy and they love chasing these around their room.

Toy Ball

5.) Line Of Lettuce – bunnies are supposed to eat veggies for nutritional reasons and this is the perfect why to make it fun for them as well as healthy.

Line of Lettuce

About Holland Lop Sisters

Welcome, to the Holland Lop Sisters blog! On this page I will be sharing adorable pictures of my two female buns. I will be posting all about the things I have learned about taking care of them and products they love. Including what they eat on a daily bases and training tips I have found work!

Get to know me! My name is Mary and I am the owner of two sweet Holland Lop buns. I am a entrepreneur and work from home which is how I am able to raise these two adorable bunnies. I didn’t know much when I purchased my buns but I have learned so much I would like to share with you. I know if you are considering purchasing a bunny but are not sure how to take care of them properly this is the blog for you! I am not an expert but I have found what works and how happy my bunnies are in their new home. I hope you enjoy my blog!